About Us

BlueCords History


 BlueCords was officially organized in January 2018 but has been in operation since 2008 providing website design, deployment, and maintenance to both small businesses, corporations, and non-profits. BlueCords is owned and operated by a disabled US Army Infantry veteran and gets its name from the Blue Cord awarded to all Infantry soldiers after the successful completion of their specialized training. You may read more about the history of the Blue Cord HERE.

Invest In Your Future


If you don't yet have an online presence or it is outdated or under-performing you are missing business opportunities. No longer do potential clients/customers let their fingers walk through the Yellow Pages to find you. Today search engines, like Google, rank search requests by several factors one of them being online presence. If you don't yet have a web presence or it doesn't score well for a variety of reasons, your ranking will be so far down the list your customers will likely find your competitor long before they get to you. Let BlueCords help you get top rankings so potential business can find you!

Let BlueCords Partner With You


Our philosophy has always been to help our clients make the most of their online potential. We partner with you and can fully manage your web presence for you, set it up together at which point we hand it over to your team to manage (with training if required), or sell you only the services you want/need and you take it from there. Whatever option you chose BlueCords will be here to help.